About Cambridge


Often referred to as “Boston’s Left Bank”, Cambridge is located just across the Charles River from Boston.

Cambridge offers an exciting multicultural setting where visitors from around the world mingle in the shadow of two of the world’s premier educational institutions: Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  For more information visit www.cambridge.com

A few of the many attractions in and around the Cambridge area are listed below: 

Harvard Square
A bustling center of activity, Harvard Square embodies all that is Cambridge. The historic red brick walkways of this famous square lead to over 100 cafes and restaurants. Of course, no trip to Harvard Square is complete without taking a stroll through the Harvard University campus. Don’t forget to stop by the statue of John Harvard and rub his foot for good luck!

Central Square
Central Square is known for its wide variety of ethnic restaurants, churches, bars, and live music and theatre venues. Several Cambridge neighborhoods meet at Central Square. Central Square is the seat of government in Cambridge – Cambridge City Hall is located in this area.


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